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Still Playing

I'm at 1.11 right now because I'd kind of stopped playing for about a week. I will get back into it sometime tonight but I've just been busy with other things. I'm finding it to still be as linear as it started out being, and that kind of bores me. I'm hoping that by the next episode some side stuff will stop happening and that there will be some branches to follow or I might give up on it. The puzzles are just too easy for me.
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i've been really bad and i've not played for a few weeks now. too much outside influence in my life.

so, i submitted this site for the majestic community links page. i haven't checked to see if we are there yet. i guess i'll check now. it seems that we'd be getting more traffic if that were the case.

i have no idea what level i'm on. 1.7?

i guess i should get my money's worth soon and play it to the next episode. i hear that 2.0 might be better as per user feedback.

we'll see! :)
Really? Well then I guess I'll finish 1 and check out 2. If 2 isn't better, then I may quit. I only wanna give it so long before I keep shelling out cash and not getting anything in return. Heh.