Mr. Dark (mr_dark) wrote in majesticjournal,
Mr. Dark


I'm a bit pissed about the revelations. Because I'm already past Episode 1, I don't get the first Revelation puzzles! Drat!

For those of you not following things closely, the Revelations puzzles tie into Solitaire1947, the fella who kept putting hidden messages in the Majestic Newsletters. They're meant to be extra hard puzzles for people who race through the game.

Problem is, if you finish an episode, you're -done- with the Revelations for that episode. Hence, no Ep. 1 Revs for me.

I'm stuck on the 3rd part of the Episode 2 Revelations, 'Equal or Opposite Danger'. Part 3 is 'Dead on Arrival', and involves a quote from Sophocles.

Anyone else to this point? I think there are only a handful of people there so far, and no one has moved past it.

As for the rest of Ep. 2, I ran into a bug at 2.12 involving a blank (white) page that shouldn't be blank. If you hit that, reply here or e-me, and I'll tell you how to fix the bug.
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