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Mr. Dark

Episode 2 Thoughts

Finally finished Ep 2 last weekend. Here are my thoughts, separated by lj-cut due to spoilers. DON'T READ if you don't want to know what happens.

I was a little disappointed in Episode 2. However, my disappointment probably lies in different places than most.

To me, the story weakened a bit. While the episode was longer, less happened from a plot standpoint. I mean, break it down: you were given lots of reasons to mistrust lots of people, and Mike was found then lost again. That's about it. We are given the clue that the bad guys are called Meridian and that their leader, Gabriel, is the guy who pulled Raymond into this whole thing. (See the article that Fiona wrote about Gabriel and Ray rescuing 'Roy'...that's apparently the beginning.) These last couple of points aren't plot, just backstory.

Also, the puzzles seemed to split: way too hard or not hard at all. Some of them were ridiculously complicated (the final satellite puzzle) and others were the now-standard Majestic 'go through the motions' stuff. I'm hoping they find a balance with Ep 3 and beyond.

On the 'ridiculously complicated' note, the Revelations aren't hard, they're absurd. I didn't come close to solving a single one, I just read spoilers on the net. In at least one case, I have yet to see an explanation of the answer. It seems like people just figured out the right url to plug in. I know the point of these is to keep 'expert' players busy during StandBy, but these are just silly.

Still, I haven't fallen out of love with the game. Unlike many players, my expectations were set when I bought in: sporadic periods of play in a relatively realistic timeline. Standby doesn't piss me off. Also, I love the investigation side of gameplay, hunting down answers. The story intrigues me as well, although more needs to -happen- in Episode 3.

What do YOU think? Talk back!
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