Jor (adelwolf) wrote in majesticjournal,

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Enough Is Almost Enough

So... WTF happened?

Where are the actual problems to solve, the individual mysteries to unravel?

When did this become a cobbledstone path that you just traipse down once they lay out the bricks?

Even I haven't been challenged in a few days, and that's saying a lot.

Made it to 1.11, and waiting now on a bit of "info" from Shiney so I can play hacker... and once they got the hell outta dodge, I was more bored than enthused, cursing at the Standby times that just do not fit with my schedule.

Alas, though, I shall see it through. It kills time, it makes me think, and there's always the hope that the farther you get Episode-wise, the tougher it'll be.
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