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Hey howdy hey

KCMOSHer here, posting for the first time.

I'm posting from work, so no books, just a short howdy and some thoughts.

To let you know where I'm coming from, here are my thoughts so far.

Before the game: totally jazzed. Looking forward to it with great anticipation, as it looked to be -straight- up my alley.

Pilot: Good but short, and a little light on interactivity.

Ep. 1: Very good, but again: short. I attempted to find every little nook and cranny, but still cleared it in less than 2 weeks. I for one appreciated the Standby times because it made it last longer. Still a little light in interactivity, but the story got better and the puzzles were a little more interesting. I was still totally on board at the end of Episode 1, unlike many on this community and elsewhere.

Ep. 2: I'm at 2.10 I think. So far, it -rocks-. Puzzles are way harder, I've actually had to ask for help twice, instead of giving hints like in Ep. 1. Interactivity is up, the chat bots are -way- smarter. Play them straight and ask hard questions: you'll get answers more often than not.

Example (and mild spoiler): When IM'ing with Threeloader, he mentions GoD, his old hacking outfit. The reference was not ABOUT them, just in passing. I threw in 'I thought GoD was dead?' He responded: 'No, not really. They're a dream the white king is having. Good luck.' or something to that effect. I've had other bots respond to offhanded comments that referred to something they said in passing, but not to the main thread of the conversation.

Standby: necessary evil. Good stories require pacing, and this story is told in real-time. That pacing requires BIG gaps in action.

Chat bots: I play them straight. This is like a role-playing game, and I'm a role-player. I fail to see the point in jacking with them for $10 a month. Play the game or don't, but don't bitch about the stupidity of the bots when you insist on being a wise-ass. I've found that 9 times out of 10, if you play along, it's a good experience (and getting steadily better).

Puzzles: Too easy at first, getting much better

Story/acting: I like it, it's the kind of thing I'm interested in and have been for years. The performances are quite good, I think. No Oscars, but look at some game acting in the past. Phew.

So, that's me. I'm in, totally hooked, ready for this thing to run as long as The X Files. Look for me to post here pretty often and try to get some things started.
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